Our Team

Our team boasts proven success within corporate, academic, military, public, non-profit and medical institutions.


Tom Hustead, M.D.
Co-founding Partner,  Retired Colonel

Tom graduated from West Point in the top 3% of his class and subsequently from Case Western University School of Medicine. As a retired Army Colonel, highlights from his distinguished career include being awarded Flight Surgeon of the Year for his service in combat, Outstanding Faculty of the Year for his medical teaching, and board selection as Department Chair for a family medicine residency department. As a result of his appointment by the Army Surgeon General to be the “face of military medicine” to recruit and share the Army Medicine story, Tom recognized a need and developed a passion for teaching physicians across the country to be effectively engaged leaders. In his final appointment in the military, Tom was the commander/CEO of a NATO military medical facility at the Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe in Belgium. With an emphasis on servant leadership, Tom’s core conviction is that effective leadership is never about the leader, but is focused in creating a culture where those being led can flourish.


Todd Naille
Life Coach/Co-Founder

Todd holds a Bachelor of Science degree in psychology from The Ohio State University and a Master of Arts degree from Ashland Theological Seminary. He has pioneered multiple non-profit ventures in new communities and most recently planted a church. Todd is fueled with an undying curiosity for learning how individuals best live in community with one another and excels at aligning mission with context. Throughout his mission-driven career, Todd has often been invited into the worst moments in the lives of others. Because he readily earns trust, he is able to remind people of the hope of living their best life. Through face-to-face conversation, Todd inspires physical, relational, and spiritual development.  He has learned that personal growth always requires more work than we realize. He is known for his authenticity and vulnerability which enables him to teach and counsel with real life application.


Doug CrandalL, MBA
Senior Partner

Doug is a graduate of West Point and the Stanford Graduate School of Business. He has led multiple units in the Army, and spent time in operations at Amazon.com. For five years, Doug taught leadership, advanced leadership, and leading organizations through change at West Point, where he won the Excellence in Teaching Award and exceeded the academy average in every area of teaching feedback during each semester that he taught. He’s the co-author of four books: Permission to Speak Freely, Say Anything, Hope Unseen, and Leadership Lessons from West Point, three of which were Amazon Top New Releases. Doug’s books have sold more than 60,000 copies worldwide and continue to gain momentum in Europe and Asia. Doug has also published articles in the International Journal of Servant-Leadership and written case studies for both Stanford and Harvard business schools.


Matt Kincaid, Phd, MBA
Senior Partner  

Matt holds an M.B.A. and a Ph.D. in Leadership Studies from Gonzaga University. He has delivered hundreds of leadership talks, presentations, workshops, and training sessions, and spearheaded the efforts of four startups. In academia, Matt has lectured and facilitated more than 3,000 class sessions at two different institutions. For nearly a decade, he has been a top rated business professor, and several times has been the #1 rated instructor on campus. His co-authored leadership books, Permission to Speak Freely and Say Anything were Amazon Top New Release and highly praised by multiple New York Times bestselling authors. Matt’s work on servant-leadership has been published in both the International Journal of Servant-Leadership and the International Journal of Leadership Studies, and he has been featured in two business textbooks, both published by Pearson Prentice Hall.